Turnkey Solutions

Van den Pol Industrial Automation will adopt full responsibility for the whole process of industrial automation. From engineering to installation, service and maintenance. For your company, this means that there will be a lot less to worry about. The concepts we come up with, we will make. And we will make sure it works!

Van den Pol Industrial Automation has an extensive and experienced engineering and programming department. Here, our own skilled experts are building complex operating systems. The two hundred permanent employees working at our company will then look after the assembly, installation and operation. Outside of the Netherlands, Van den Pol Industrial Automation will often deploy its own supervisors to manage local installation engineers. This way we will retain the supervision of and responsibility for the complete process of design, programming, installation, testing and commissioning, as well as the instruction of local process operators.

Our clients appreciate the mentality of our employees. They will quickly get to the heart of the matter, solve problems adequately, and effortlessly anticipate unforeseen situations. Our people maintain strong ties with clients, many of whom have been in our portfolio for a great number of years. To them, working is more than just ‘doing their job'.

Many of our employees have been trained in our own facilities. This allows us to also instruct them in Van den Pol's culture, which involves that 'a promise is a promise' and 'a deal's a deal'.

Do you want to receive more information about turnkey solutions? Contact us and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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