UBO banden ready for the future

New controls, including the latest Siemens 1200 PLCs, have recently provided UBO Banden BV with the assurance of continued safe and effective operation for the twenty hot-retreading machines. Van den Pol Industrial Automation has completely replaced the old controls, which had been repaired many times. The resulting state-of-the-art machinery operates smoothly once again and is very safe and less susceptible to failure. And as a result of its easy operation, the risk of human error has been substantially reduced as well.

The hot-retreading machines provide carcasses of lorry tyres with new treads. This is a high-quality recycling method. The tyres are provided with the Bandag quality certificate ECE109R and the ISO 9001 certificate and are exported to various European countries, including Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Russia and France.

The procedure has been in use for many decades. The youngest machine at UBO Banden BV is forty years old. The cast-iron frame and the moving parts of the machines are virtually indestructible and will last several decades longer with the new controls.

In the old situation, faults occurred rather frequently. The old switchboard cabinets had been repaired so many times it was no longer justified to do so any more. A few machines even had to be stopped altogether. And as production capacity diminished, UBO Banden BV decided to tackle all machines in one go. Dick Peek, production manager with UBO Banden BV, is happy with the large-scale overhaul: “Van den Pol Industrial Automation has been helping us solve malfunctions for many years and is thoroughly familiar with our company and its machines. When three machines had to be stopped for safety reasons, we jointly drew up a plan to get everything going again. We opted for a solution that was both simple and durable.”

“Where the controls are concerned, we chose for PLCs from Siemens' new S7-1200 series, because of their excellent price-performance ratio. Moreover, this solution proved both powerful and compact”, Ronald Kiens of Van den Pol Industrial Automation stated. “We work a lot with PLCs from Siemens' 300 and 400 series and are quite familiar with the possibilities. And although the PLCs from the 300 and 400 series are rather too comprehensive for this application, the new 1200 series proved to be a perfect match for this purpose. We have installed twenty of these, in combination with simple touch-screen operating screens to provide ease of use. With this application, we are competing for the Siemens S7-1200 Application Award. Some of the factors Siemens looks at include effectiveness, sustainability and durability. And because we have been able to ensure the effective operation of machines that have been in use for many decades already, we believe we will score quite high on sustainability and durability.”