Market leader in the food-processing industry

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For over three decades, employees of Van den Pol Industrial Automation have been travelling the world to install machines for the food-processing industry. For the potato-processing sector, this is done in collaboration with Kiremko BV Food Processing Equipment. Increasingly, other companies from this sector are following Kiremko's example.

Kiremko BV was founded almost fifty years ago. After having successfully provided equipment for snack bars and restaurants, the company started specialising in high-capacity production lines. Since the early eighties, Kiremko has grown considerably. Since its specialisation in machines for the automatic and semi-automatic processing of potatoes into chips, various types of snacks, including pellet snacks, and other potato by-products, such as flakes, salads and mash, this company from Montfoort, the Netherlands, has grown into an international player. Van den Pol Industrial Automation grew along to become a specialist in industrial automation for the food-processing industry.

All parts of the world

Today, Kiremko not only serves the potato-processing end industry, the company also manufactures machines for the processing of vegetables - in particular root-crops - both for the frozen and cooled markets. 85% of all machines manufactured is intended for export. The equipment developed and manufactured by Kiremko is used by major potato-processing companies, including McCain, Farm Frites and Simplot Foods, throughout Europe, the US, China, New Zealand, Japan, Argentina, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Van den Pol Industrial Automation provides the supervision of the installation processes. The standard installation work is performed by local companies, supervised by Van den Pol Industrial Automation. For specialist activities, Van den Pol deploys its own engineers.

The processing of potatoes into ready-for-use products requires quite a few steps. Production lines that may process up to 65,000 kilos of potatoes per hour include machines for stoning, washing, peeling, blanching, cooking, shaping, cutting, drying, baking, pasteurising, sterilising, cooling, freezing, (optically) sorting, transporting, distributing, weighing and packaging. Kiremko plays a part throughout this process, from the infeed of raw produce to the outfeed of ready-made and packaged end product. Van den Pol provides the electrical installation of the different parts. Besides the smooth operation of the individual parts, Van den Pol will also ensure that each part is seamlessly geared to the other ones.

Well-known for customisation

Kiremko is well-known for its customised solutions and in-depth knowledge. Most orders concern machines or complete production lines that are to meet specific requirements of customers. The more complex these requirements, the happier Kiremko is to meet these. The company does not work alone. Since, 1978, Kiremko has been closely collaborating with its UK partner Kiremko (UK) Ltd. Other successful forms of collaboration include those with Idaho Steel Products and Reyco Systems in the US, which manufacture machines under licence for the Northern American markets.

In addition to knowledge of installations, the food sector also requires specific expertise in the area of food safety. And thorough knowledge of the customer's production processes is essential as well. Food-processing companies often operate around the clock and each maintenance stop stands for loss of production. Van den Pol provides added value by thinking along with the customer to come up with solutions that minimise downtime.