Soil-washing installation Theo Pouw

Hundreds of tons of new raw material every year

Waste can best be prevented. And that is exactly what is happening at Theo Pouw BV, and has been since 1988. And at quite a large scale at that. In 2011, a specialised rubble-crushing plant was commissioned as well, enabling the reuse of hundreds of tons of waste. Van den Pol Industrial Automation was responsible for the installation of the cables and lighting, as well as the camera system for the cockpit of process managers.

The new installation has a capacity of 400,000 tons per year. 70 to 80 percent of the residual material from the extractive cleaner, which used to have to be dumped, can now be turned into secondary raw materials for the asphalt and concrete industries. This way, while waste-processing costs are reduced, new raw materials are created at the same time. “It has become profitable to mine raw materials from waste. With this high-quality installation, we are now able to produce 30% more raw material from the same base material", Alexander Pouw explained. Theo Pouw BV is renowned for its optimisation of production processes. The company is specialised in primary and secondary building materials, the production of concrete mortar, the collection, processing and cleaning of soil, and the processing of building and demolition debris. The company has subsidiaries in Utrecht, Lelystad, Eemshaven and Weert.

Present every day

Theo Pouw BV has a large site at the Isotopenweg in Utrecht Lage Weide, immediately bordering the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal for easy supply and removal. When you visit their site, chances are you will meet one or more of the employees of Van den Pol Industrial Automation. "The Van den Pol people are involved in repairs and replacements and provide support to our Technical Service team. In addition, there are the projects they supervise, such as the installation of the rubble-crushing plant. The collaboration is excellent. Quality is ensured and Van den Pol sticks to its promises. This is very important to us. We need continuity. Our installations have to produce. Van den Pol understands this and will deploy people and means when necessary. No extra agreements needed for this. To them, it is a matter of course."