Simplot China

Chips line JR Simplot Company, more than ten years in China


Together with Kiremko Food Processing Equipment, Van den Pol Industrial Automation has been installing machines for the potato-processing industry in many parts of the world. For example for the chips line of the Simplot Food Group in Beijing, China. This plant runs 24 hours per day and provides the McDonald's restaurants of China with eight tons of French fries per hour. It is one of the many subsidiaries of the American JR Simplot Company. This company operates in many countries around the world, including Canada, South-Korea, China, Mexico and Central America and turns over around 4.5 billion dollars a year.

As subcontractor of Kiremko's, Van den Pol Industrial Automation has been involved in this plant since 2001. To date, they have managed to implement improvements or expansions every year. Kiremko supplies the machines and Van den Pol Industrial Automation looks after the complete installation and all controls. The actual work is performed by local people, while the supervision concerning the cables as well as the automation activities is carried out by Van den Pol. Their specialised engineers - who have in-depth knowledge of the plant processes and have received extra training regarding the hygiene requirements of the food industry - travel to Beijing on a regular basis.