Food-processing industry

The processing of potatoes and vegetables into a ready-for-use products requires a series of machines for the storing, stoning, washing, peeling, blanching, cooking, shaping, cutting, drying, baking, pasteurising, sterilising, cooling, freezing, (optically) sorting, transporting, distributing, weighing, and packaging of the foodstuffs. To ensure seamless matching of these process steps and a smooth and fault-free functioning of the whole system, industrial automation is essential. The role played by Van den Pol Industrial Automation in these processes will therefore prove highly valuable. Our people are well aware of this. Like no others, they know that optimisation of the production process can mean the difference between loss and profit. Also, they know exactly what laws and regulations the food-processing industry has to deal with. That is why they are not only experts in technology; they are also thoroughly familiar with the products to be processed. This dedication and commitment have turned Van den Pol Industrial Automation into a valuable partner.