Van den Pol branches

We operate in different branches. We are active in the foodprocessing industry, waste management and water purification. Here below you can read more about these branches:


The processing of potatoes and vegetables into a ready-for-use products requires a series of machines for the storing, stoning, washing, peeling, blanching, cooking, shaping, cutting, drying, baking, pasteurising, sterilising, cooling, freezing, (optically) sorting, transporting, distributing, weighing, and packaging of the foodstuffs. Read more

Waste management

Waste is increasingly considered a valuable raw material. Waste separation is essential in this. Waste-separation processes are becoming more and more refined, resulting in an increasingly small residue for incinerating or dumping. In addition to mechanical processes the importance of detection is growing. Read more

Water Purification

As a rule, companies in the food-processing sector have to deal with large streams of waste water. Laws and regulations, as well as economical and sustainability motives are increasingly leading to the controlled purification of these waste-water streams. Read more